Some time ago I was at the urologist due to a prostatitis, which, alas, I have got. Suddenly, he asked me: “Where do you carry your mobile phone?”

“In the pocket of a trouser or jacket,” I answered. “And you shouldn’t”, he said, “it has a harmful effect in general and on the genitals in particular. Carry it in your bag.”

This was not the first time that I’ve heard about the dangers of mobile phones, yet every time I had dismissed this opinion as paranoid. But now the doctor said it. I returned home and scoured the Internet.

The results of this process convinced me that the doctor seemed to be right. Now I carry the phone in my bag, and if I put it in my pocket, I usually switch it to the airplane mode. And when I take a call, I try to use the speakerphone.

But from this study, I concluded that a mobile phone is not the main evil among harmful radiations. Apparently, bearing the palm is the Wi-Fi, which is now present in almost every house or flat.

According to what I read, Wi-Fi radiation affects primarily the nervous system and especially the quality of dreams. Dreams become more faded and less clear, and can disappear altogether.

The transition to wired Internet was impossible for me at that moment because I was renting an apartment, and drilling holes for wires did not coincide with the plans of the owner of this apartment. So I began to turn the Wi-Fi off at night, so that at least during the night I could sleep in peace.

Alas, I found that in the bedroom, in addition to my own home network, there were 2 others from the neighbors, one signal being even stronger than mine. Wi-Fi passes through the walls, and it would appear that the neighbor’s router is located right behind the wall. A radical solution to the problem in the form of shielding the wall off completely was also impossible because of the apartment being rented.

Then I conducted a search on the Internet and found that a form of fabric with an admixture of silver (30% silver), which significantly reduced the radiation, was available for purchase. And on one website in particular:


– I found different garments sewn from this fabric. Even including clothes for pregnant women.

I read on a small forum on this website that some people who had bought a bandana sewn from this fabric, such as this, –

had experienced an improvement in mental activity, an increase in energy levels, etc. “An increase in energy levels will certainly do no harm,” I thought and bought a bandana to protect the most important part of the body from harmful radiation. At the same time I bought a pair of boxer shorts – the same ones which you see in the picture at the top of this article – in order to protect another, also very important part of the body.

Having received these two items, I armed myself with them and worked on the computer for a few days straight while wearing the bandana and boxers. And I slept in them as well.

But I did not notice any effect from the bandana. And because of the metalized tissue, the head does not breathe well in it, which is why quite soon I found myself throwing it into the bedside table for good.

But the boxers were something else!

From the first time that I wore them I felt a rather noticeable increase in my masculine power, i.e. my potency. It may be that if I had been 20 years old, I would not have felt anything, but here in my 50’s the change was strong enough. I would say I shed at least 15 years.

I looked at the forum once again, and found that I was not the only one. A woman who had bought the undergarment to protect her husband’s valuable body parts from harmful radiation wrote: “Now I am a happy woman, I have a healthy sex life.”


This sparked my interest, and I proceeded to buy on the same website:

  • A scarf
  • A tee shirt
  • A blanket

The blanket was the most expensive item; I paid almost $500 for it. I did not get any sensations from it, and now I use it on cold nights over an ordinary blanket. Strictly speaking, the cunning waves of the Wi-Fi penetrate the body from all sides, so for the experiment to have been complete, one would have needed to buy a second blanket and to sleep between the two blankets, but I never got around to it.

I tried to wrap the scarf around my neck. As a result, I felt a strong rush of high-frequency energy in my head (probably alike to the effects from stimulants of the psyche, but I have no experience of taking them and so have nothing to compare it to) and overexcitation. I tried to reduce the exposure time, but this proved unsuccessful. And the rush did not come all at once, but after a while; let’s say I wore it for half an hour, and then the rush started another half hour after its removal.

The tee shirt brought a sense of calm, but an “overdose” caused slight nausea. Through experience I determined that my ideal exposure time was about 3 hours.

What is the mechanism of action here? I am sure this is not a placebo.

I believe that this has nothing to do with protection from the Wi-Fi. My opinion is that the screening fabric reflects not only the waves from the outside, but also some waves from the inside, which are generated by our body. This reflection stimulates the active points on the body, or maybe the chakras, or something else.

I am currently testing a headband, which I’d bought instead of the bandana.

And I continue to wear the boxers regularly. J

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